Masoom Granule Company’s presence at the Iran Plast Exhibition 2023 designed & implementation by Arastoo Design

طراحی غرفه

کارفرما:گرانول معصوم

نمایشگاه: ایران پلاست

سال ساخت: 1402

نوع فعالیت: تولید انواع کامپاندهای پلاستیکی و پلیمری

Aristotle Media – Masum Granule Company found success in the Iran Plast Exhibition 1402 with the design of the booth and the performance by Arastoo Design.

Masoom Granule, with the view of cutting dependence in the direction of greater productivity and with the thinking of a world leader in the design and production of plastic and polymer compounds in 2014, with an annual capacity of approximately 15,000 tons of P.V.C and 2,000 types of granules. 0 tons of PP and 10,000 tons of TPE And TPV officially started its activity in the holy city of Qom. According to the demand of the consumer market, with the continuous efforts of the research and development unit of Masum Granule Company, many special granules and compounds, including medical and sanitary granules, sealing tape around the refrigerator and freezer door, various polymer car parts, dashboard covers of Peugeot cars. Persia, Samand, all of which have special characteristics, have achieved complete self-sufficiency and made considerable savings in terms of foreign exchange outflow from our beloved country. The goal of Masum Granule is continuous development. Therefore, according to the needs of its consumers, this company began to produce types of polypropylene reinforced with talc, calcium carbonate, glass fibers and EPDM, which fortunately achieved great success in this field.
Another axis of the development of Masoom Granule Company is the production of various types of sections, profiles, tapes and specialized hoses made of soft and hard PVC, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), etc. with the latest technology. And it is technical knowledge that is difficult to be noticed and welcomed by consumers. The slogan and general policy of Masoum Granule Company is: continuous development, upgrading the quality level of production products, updating technical knowledge and bringing complete customer satisfaction, as far as the slogan is always right, the customer has full faith. In Masum Granul, research is the first word, and due to the fluctuating quality of raw materials, this company has always tried to offer the same quality to its customers. The laboratory of Masoum Granule Company, which is one of the largest polymer laboratories in the country, is able to receive any piece from the customer based on the customer’s order, and with reverse engineering of the material, it can be produced and presented to the customer with the same properties and the same properties as the sample. to do This company has also achieved great success in the field of exporting various types of polymeric materials, and currently, the foreign trade unit of this company is searching for new consumption markets in the world.

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