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And he pointed with his finger and said,

“He didn’t reach the tree,
It’s a garden alley that is greener than God’s sleep,
And in it, love is as vast as the wings of sincerity.”

I see my buildings as pieces of a city, and I explain my designs in a special way to the citizens. Aristo Company, with over 15 years of continuous experience in booth construction and being a member of the Iranian Booth Constructors Association, holds an A-grade booth construction rating from the Tehran International Exhibition. With the execution of over 5,000 booths, precise planning, creative ideas, unique execution, and the use of high-quality materials for better performance and helping you have a successful presence by attracting visitors, we will be your efficient companion.

Note: The original text contains a mix of Persian and English, so the translation preserves the structure while adapting the English text for readability.

Structural Design Services by Arasto
غرفه سازی نمایشگاهی

Structural Design

Booth Design and Construction
غرفه سازی نمایشگاهی

Interior Design

Constructive Changes in Interior Space with Professional Interior Design
غرفه سازی نمایشگاهی

3D Modeling Design

Creating Complex and Realistic 3D Models
غرفه سازی نمایشگاهی

About Arasto

Arasto was established in 2008 (1387 in the Iranian calendar). It started its branding activities as a structural design firm, and in 2014 (1393 in the Iranian calendar), it was officially registered as a structural design company. Arasto entered the world of exhibition stand construction officially in 2008, and gradually made progress in this field. In 2015 (1394 in the Iranian calendar), with the beginning of the grading system and obtaining the exhibition stand construction license, Arasto Structural Design Company was registered and established based on art and structure.

Why Arasto?

We specialize in designing unique and customized exhibition stands using a team of experienced and professional designers who are creative and dedicated to enhancing the visibility of your brand. We deliver exhibition projects on time, while considering the principles and rules of booth construction and using high-quality materials and efficient supervisors to ensure customer satisfaction. We also offer layout and cleaning services to create a more desirable setup and timely delivery of projects before the opening day, as well as on-site services during the event days to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Achievements

Arasto Structural Design Company is proud to have executed over 5000 exhibition stands and selected over 7000 3D designs in its portfolio. The company continues its activities with modern and minimalistic styles and with new designers.
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