Interior decoration design

Design is not based on lines, wonder is the basis of this art

Our interior design shows how we can make the most of small spaces and how we can use light in texture color to enliven our surroundings. We live in a period and time that when we start planning a successful business, we look for the best style for office and interior decoration. In the first stage of the design and aesthetic issue, we have a fundamental implementation and tremendous effects in the progress of the work process, which, in addition to the principle of beauty of design and extraordinary layout, away from luxury and complex forms, to create a new color in your life, we are at your side in the final stages of implementation. we will be

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Office decoration design

Interior design of office environments
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Home interior decoration design

art of home interior design
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Villa decoration design

Interior design of a villa

Some examples of interior decorations

Start the interior decoration of your home with the best interior decoration ideas

Interior decoration design steps

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1. Planning

At this stage, you should collect your ideas for interior decoration, check your needs and determine your goals.

2. Conceptual design

At this stage of interior decoration design, a conceptual design of your interior decoration should be drawn according to the planning and the ideas should be shown graphically.

3. Executive design

At this stage, according to the conceptual plan, an executive and detailed plan of the interior decoration should be prepared. This plan includes details such as exact dimensions, materials and equipment used for the placement of decorative objects, etc.

4. Selection of materials

At this stage, you should choose the materials and equipment used in the interior decoration. This includes flooring materials, window and door wall coverings, furniture, etc.

5. Purchase of materials

At this stage, you must purchase the necessary materials and equipment. To buy materials, you can go to interior decoration stores in shopping malls.

6. Execution

At this stage, you must bring the implementation plan to the site and install the materials and equipment. It includes the installation of flooring, wall covering, windows and doors, furniture, etc.

7. Decoration

At this stage, you should place decorative objects in the house. This includes placing curtains, lighting fixtures, decorative fixtures, etc.

8. Cleaning

This stage of interior decoration design includes cleaning the floor, walls, windows and doors, furniture and other equipment inside the house.

The best interior decoration design tips

To design the interior decoration of your home, it can be useful to follow the following basic principles:

  1. Check your taste
  2. Create a complete program
  3. Use appropriate lighting
  4. Compliance with alignment
  5. Avoid adding too many embellishments
  6. Use of empty space
  7. Choosing popular and attractive colors
  8. Coordination of furniture with the decoration of other
  9. areas
  10. Use of decoration samples
  11. Trial and error
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Now is the best time to change your home decor

New and attractive ideas to change your home decoration

Changing the interior decoration of the house is one of the ways that can create energy and vitality in your life. For this, the best time to start is now. By starting to explore new and attractive interior design ideas, you can look for new ways to change the interior decoration of your home. These ideas may include choosing a new color for the walls, changing the style of the furniture, using new decorations, etc. With this work, the interior environment of your home will be updated and will give you a feeling of peace and satisfaction. Also, it can increase the value of your home. In general, by starting to change the interior decoration of your home, you can experience being up-to-date and new in your life.

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