The executed project of designing the stand of National Petrochemical Company of Iran


کارفرما:National Petrochemical Company of Iran

نمایشگاه: Iran Plast

سال ساخت: 2023

نوع فعالیت: Managing and expanding operations of chemical and petrochemical industries

Iran National Petrochemical Company participated in the Iran Plast 2023 exhibition this year by designing and implementing the booth of Arastoo Design Company.

Deputy Minister of Oil and CEO of the National Petrochemical Industries Company, present at the company’s booth, said: About 28 thousand billion tomans worth of petrochemical products have been sold on credit to the downstream petrochemical industries in the last five months, which has created a great transformation in the downstream units. .
Aristotle Structure Designer – quoted by Nipna, Morteza Shahmirzaei said today (Sunday, 26 September) on the sidelines of visiting the first day of the 17th Iranplast International Exhibition: The most important goal of holding this specialized event is to bring together all the petrochemical industry activists from upstream to downstream.

He pointed to the allocation of the entire space of the Tehran International Exhibition to the 17th Iran Plast Exhibition and added: this year, in addition to the fact that foreign guests have increased 20 times in this exhibition compared to last year, many investors, activists and technologists have also come to consult and sign contracts with this industry. They have come to this exhibition.

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Industry Company pointed out the presence of 210 foreign companies in this exhibition despite all the sanctions and threats and said: domestic companies also have a strong presence in the 17th Iranplast exhibition and the latest achievements of domestic and foreign craftsmen are presented in this exhibition.

Referring to the new measure of credit supply of petrochemical products to micro and small enterprises after signing a memorandum in Iran Plast 16th, Shahmirzaei emphasized: the result of that sale was about 28 thousand billion tomans of credit supply to downstream petrochemical industries in the last five months and the largest Transformation was created in the downstream units.

He added: About 15,000 to 16,000 industrial units get their food from the petrochemical industry and can use the credit supply of petrochemical products.

The deputy oil minister pointed to the compilation of a comprehensive document on the completion of the value chain of the petrochemical industry and the updating of the catalyst document of this industry, and added: By taking advantage of the new petrochemical projects that are ready to be opened, the petrochemical industrialists are ready in 1402, which is called the year of “inflation control and It is named “production growth”, to achieve production growth.

Shahmirzaei stated: With the plans made by the National Petrochemical Industries Company since last year, the export of Iranian catalyst to famous countries is one of the great achievements of this industry. Also, the named countries have ordered the manufacture of compressors, pumps, extruders and rotary machines to Iranian companies.

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